Coffee Corner

Coffee Corner is back!

From bean to cup…

Enjoy the freshest coffee from Americano through to creamy Lattes at our Coffee Corner situated in the Village Store. We offer a selection of teas and hot chocolate. Choose your hot drink, take the weight off your feet, have a natter or just watch the world go by!  You can even indulge yourself with one of our delicious local cakes or biscuits.  We have tables in the store or outside for you to sit and enjoy your drinks.

The shop is always welcoming. As well as wonderful stock to offer, there is a very happy atmosphere and a place where I nearly always meet someone I know to exchange a friendly word or two and enjoy a cup of coffee if time allows. I have lived in Barham for 50 years and have always thought it a wonderful place to live and it has become even more so now.

The development of the shop/post office has transformed my life in the village. I volunteer at the shop and now know many more people in the village ( and Kingston) and feel I am known.