Most people in Barham have an interest in the wellbeing and continued flourishing of the village shop. This depends entirely on a voluntary committee who are elected at the AGM each year. The shop’s constitution specifies that only shareholders may attend the AGM. Absolutely anyone can become a shareholder, and the committee would like to encourage many more people to do so. The word ‘shareholder’ can be misleading. There are no risks, profits or dividends involved. Shareholders give a one-off payment of £10 which shows their commitment to and support for the shop. They are then entitled (but not obliged) to attend the AGM and vote on any issues that may arise and to elect the committee members.

If you feel that the shop is being taken in the right direction, the committee would be much encouraged by your indicating so at the AGMs. If you think some changes are required, the AGM is the place to voice this. Your opinions are important.

Please consider becoming a shareholder if you are not one already. To do this in time to vote at this year’s AGM, which will take place on Wednesday July 12th, please contact the hon secretary Malcom Terry by email at If you do not have access to email, please leave your name and contact details at the shop.