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Christmas Meat Order

Christmas Meat Order forms can be downloaded here! Or collect in store.

Where does our meat come from? Chandler & Dunn Ltd is a family farming business with roots dating back over 200 years. They have around 610 hectares covering two farms within 3 miles of each other, Goldstone Farm at Ash and Perry Farm at Wingham, East Kent.

Their approach to farming is simple. They harness modern techniques and  technology to traditional, environmentally friendly values and methods. Their carefully monitored, integrated pest management control process uses minimal mineral pesticides.

The welfare of their animals and land are paramount and everyday they strive to protect and improve their herds, orchards, pastures and fields as well as the surrounding countryside.


The village shop really is the hub of the community. You can guarantee that you will always bump into a friendly face and catch up on village news. The range of products available in the shop is amazing and has always met our needs as a family. It’s great to support local, healthy produce also. We send out gratitude to the many volunteers that run the shop and make Barham the wonderful place that it is to live in. Thanks

Having had the pleasure of helping out here a few years back , I saw first hand the dedication and hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make this such a wonderful hub of the community.

Such thought goes into every part of the running of this place ,that then appears smooth and effortless. Staff that no matter how tired, or surprisingly busy doing the behind the scenes stuff (that most of their shoppers wouldn’t even realise goes on ) are genuinely always friendly, helpful and respectful to their customers and colleagues alike.

Further supporting the community by always stocking local produce and listening to and acting on customer needs , with regards to any special dietary issues or just stocking a favourite item of someone who cannot get to larger stores in town anymore. If you’ve not been in before, you’ll be surprised by the choice available.

Lovely seasonal displays a well kept and inviting outdoor area and the innovative green light entry system further add to making this a safe, pleasant and well deserving recipient of this award.

Massive well done to all involved “


Christmas Meat Order Form