If you are a regular buyer of milk at Barham village store you will have noticed the glass bottles are missing – this should be a temporary blip as we know how popular the glass bottles were with customers. In the meantime the shop has decided to go back to Kent Dairies, however Debbie is investigating getting milk in glass bottles from Hinxden Dairy in Cranbrook. Yogurt and cream are still available from Ottinge Court Farm or Otties.  

It’s good to know that Kentish Chocolates are trading again and are back in stock, and we are hoping that the excellent Altruist sun tan lotion and sun spray protection (factor 50) will soon be back. Ditto fresh cakes, you have no idea how hard Debbie is trying to find a supplier. A new wholesaler has been delivering general goods, so there have been some minor changes in products and brands. We hope these have been an improvement. Again, the staff and volunteers thank you for your patience and good humour during this extended time of changed conditions.

The cart outside has been looking lovely ever since the lockdown started. Elham Valley Vineyard is still sending us plants via a volunteer. While the season lasts, another volunteer, Richard Borthwick, is sending down bunches of his prize winning (Kent County Show) sweet peas, which can be exchanged for a £2 (more if you like) donation to The Fifth Trust. They can be taken straight from the cart – no need to queue for the shop

Finally Rosie Shepherd’s Rosie’s Posies, which are grown on her allotment in Brickfield Road, should be back by the time this magazine is delivered.

The most important piece of information has been left till the end. The NCS treasurer, Richard Calderwood, has fulfilled his role brilliantly for the past 5 years, and now wishes to stand down. This means that a new treasurer will need to be elected at the next AGM on August 26th (to be confirmed or otherwise according to whatever Covid 19 rules are in place at the time).  If you, or anyone you know, would be willing to consider serving our village communities in this capacity and would like to have more information about the role please contact the chairman Malcolm Terry at M.Terry@vfast.co.uk