It’s been a busy Autumn so far and as well as normal shop business, we held a MacMillan Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning event. Our wonderful volunteers set to baking a superb array of cakes for sale and a number of suppliers also donated supplies including Gowers Goodies, Hinxden Daries, Lizzies and Caffe Society. Thanks to all the contributors’ generosity, we raised a fabulous £321.21 for this worthwhile charity. Well done to One and Al

We’ve made good progress with the alterations at the shop beginning with the new storeroom which is now part of what was the Village Hall’s redundant kitchen. The new store is now up and running and the old shed store recycled and relocated as a store for the Scouts. Next are the alterations to the office and a new access into the shop from the rear to enable restocking and easier access to the storeroom without using the main customer entrance.

Our focus is now on preparing for Christmas and with the disruption in Royal Mail postal services set to continue (at least at the time of writing), our advice is to prepare and post early! Christmas edition stamps will be on sale from 3rd November and we have Christmas posting date leaflets in store or you can find them online at


Please be ready for your transaction at the Post Office Counter, for example with the correct forms completed, identification where needed, payment method at the ready etc. Forms and banking envelopes are available on the cart outside. It’s a busy time of year and this will help save your time and reduce waiting time for those behind you.

Our community store endeavours to provide something for all to enjoy this festive season. A great choice of Noel Tatt and other local artisan Christmas cards, gift tags and wrapping aplenty along with the pens and sticky tape you’ll also nee

How about a Gift Card for your loved ones? Available at the Post Office, they make a versatile gift and are easy to post too! The One4all Gift Card is accepted at over 55,000 outlets nationwide and online. Barham Village Store Vouchers also make a great gift or a raffle prize for fund raising event

Don’t forget your local Christmas meat order from Ash based Goldstone Butchers at Chandler and Dunn. Order forms are available in store no